Technical Background

While working on various projects Maksym has gained experience with developing low latency message routing, multithreaded, TCP/IP, multicast, UDP networking applications and object-oriented routing and processing systems. In the past he worked on an equities real-time low latency market data platform and a rates margin calculation engine. While pursuing his Computer Science degree he worked on the robotics research project developing a platform for swarming intelligence. Additionally he has gotten an exposure to North American equities and rates market data feeds such as SIP (CTA and UTP), Nasdaq, NYSE, Arca, BATS, imbalance, OTC (Pinksheets and OTCBB), Nasdaq Fixed Income, CME Currently he is working on a low latency high-frequency algorithmic trading platform. Maksym is proficient in C++, Linux, TCP and UDP socket programming, object-oriented design, distributed systems, low-latency optimization.


Maksym also goes by a short version of his name which is Max. Originally he is Ukrainian and was born in a historical town of Dubno. Currently he lives in New York. Maksym enjoys learning new things about software and technologies. He likes photography, good music, science-fiction, enjoying a relaxing jog at the beach or in the park, discovering new places and going to concerts.